Vitamin IV Therapy nutrients and minerals in an IV solution can be used instantly by your body because they will not be lost during the digestive process. The health benefits of vitamin supplements are indisputably beneficial, but when taken orally in pill form–your body’s natural metabolic absorption process can render up to 85% of that vitamin useless. Vitamin IV Therapy (Intravenous therapy) delivers a higher concentration of nutrients to your cells through the bloodstream, allowing your body to better absorb and utilize them.


Celebrities and social elite have been early adopters of the amazing results of IV Therapy and Booster Shots. Although offering these treatments in a private spa like setting is a relatively new concept, the time has come to bring modern wellness to the masses.

​VITAMIN IV THERAPY rapidly boosts nutrient levels in the center of cells–where nutrients are needed most. Only when those cells have the concentration of nutrients they need to function properly, can true healing begin. Most Vitamin IV Therapy patients report immediate improvements after an infusion. Nutrients, fluids and medications that cannot be taken by patients orally can be administered by IV. When you administer these vitamins via saline drip, you rehydrate and achieve higher absorption.

Vitamin IV Therapy fights exhaustion, fatigue and delivers an energy boost. It helps protect and promote a healthy immune system. It also improves the appearance of skin, hair & nails, slows the aging process and helps regulate sleep, mood and appetite. Vitamin IV Therapy increases red blood cell production and aids in detoxifying the body.

The Concentration Gradient Effect

A concentration gradient occurs when the concentration of something changes over a certain distance. For example, a few drops of food dye in a glass of water will diffuse along the concentration gradient. Where the dye is in it’s highest concentration (for instance, the brightest blue) will diffuse to where it occurs in it’s lowest concentration (the water is still clear). The diffusion will continue until the concentration of the dye becomes uniform in all directions of the water. Concentration gradients are the chemical driving force behind many processes that take place near cell membranes. For example, many cells are able to increase the internal concentration of vitamin solutes until very high levels are reached and considerable concentration gradients are established. The concentration gradient is why Vitafusion IV Therapy is 100 % absorbed.

By Joseph Bariyanga. “Concentration Gradient.” – Chemistry Encyclopedia


Why Infuse?

VITAMIN IV THERAPY delivers vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are injected directly to the bloodstream for maximum absorption. Enriching vitamins and minerals nourish your system at the cellular level because they are “pushed” directly into cells. The IV method allows larger doses of these supplements to be safely administered that could not be tolerated orally. By passing the digestive system, which is extremely beneficial especially, for those who have digestive issues. Additionally, the “concentration gradient” allows rapid, efficient, active transport of the nutrients into your cells, yielding optimal results.

Is It Safe?

VITAMIN IV THERAPY, while beneficial to it’s users, can have small risks involved with the process. Some of the risks associated with the IV method are, possible bruising at the injection site, (comparable to having blood drawn for a lab test) or “infiltration”, which can be caused by vascular fragility and result in a rupture of the vein wall and fluid leakage into the surrounding tissue. The user may experience a localized burning sensation which will dissipate as the IV is moved to another vein. Patients with small, difficult-to-locate veins or who are prone to vascular weakness may not be candidates for Vitamin IV Therapy.

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To radiate on the outside, you must be balanced on the inside. Vitamin Wellness Infusion can provide you with this balance. This super powered combination of vitamins and minerals will leave you feeling revitalized, rejuvenated and renewed.

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Our VITAMIN C PLUS INFUSION consists of vitamin C in high doses as well as a wide and deep spectrum of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. High-dose vitamin C, fights fatigue, increases energy, is a natural skin brightener and an anti-inflammatory thats boosts the immune system.

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