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Beauty Lounge offers not only the best non-surgical solutions available on the market, but the newest and latest technical advances in beauty today. Our extensive range of med spa services include a wide range of treatments like skin perfecting cosmetic laser services, liquid face lifts, injectables, chemical peels and laser hair or vein removal. ​

We also offer a variety of weight loss solutions. Beauty Lounge utilizes both prescription strength appetite suppressants and metabolic boosting vitamin shots. Lose inches, smooth cellulite, contour and shape your body while tightening skin without surgery or downtime.


Experience the Future of Beauty and Wellness

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Our experienced medical staff can transform your body and face with dramatic results in a single office visit. Come visit us to see how non-surgical treatments can take years off your appearance. To make your visit even easier, see the details of our special financing program listed at the bottom of the page.

Patients will always have a board certified professional to perform their treatments. A specialist who can make healthy, safe recommendations and who can treat them at every level of their beauty needs.


Beauty Lounge opened its doors in 2010 with the vision of making the exclusive world of celebrity beauty accessible and affordable to everyone.

Ageless Beauty & Wellness is our credo and we are committed to it by staying at the forefront of beauty science today. Beauty Lounge offers ever evolving knowledge, experience and technology to heighten your most youthful and healthy appearance.

Beauty Lounge Med Spa exclusively launched, BL SkinTite for the Face & Body. BL SkinTite is a minimally invasive procedure that offers patients skin tightening and fat reduction, which was only attainable through a surgical procedure. BL Emsculpt the first procedure to build muscle and reduce fat simulatanously. Designer Dermis/ Fractora. It uses the latest radio frequency technology, to tighten and resurface and remodel the skin surface. We also introduced the 8 Point Lift Total Approach that has been sweeping across Europe for years. Using two new next generation fillers to produce more natural looking results, that last up to six months longer than the previous generation. The 8 Point Lift is a new techniques using 8 distinctive injection points to create a more youthful looking appearance. And to take it to the next level we now use Kybella to scuplt the neckline.


Anti-Aging & Integrative Medical Treatments


The New Wellness Center For Men & Women

Our new wellness center is proud to introduce, IV Therapy/ Vitamin Injections, Once the healthy lift secret of celebrities and athletes, now you can experience the vitality and rejuvenating effects of nutrient IV therapy and vitamin injections. Replenish your health and revitalize your body in the bliss of the spa environment,

Step into the realm of tranquility and leave the busy world behind. Our sweedish massage goes beyond relaxation, it increases the level of oxygen in the blood decrease the toxins in the muscles and Improve flexibility.

Ladies, get ready to change your life! BL Vaginal Rejuvenation is a non-surgical procedure that is revolutionary in treating and improving vaginal laxity.The BLVR device helps restore and revive your feminin wellness in about an hour with little to no discomfort.

Men the future of men’s health is here, Andropause is a hormone imbalance that all men will experience as they age. We offer a variety of treatments to offset the hormone imbalance. Low Testosterone Replacement Therapy, medication for erectile dysfunction. Revive and PRP to naturally stimulate and foster blood circulation without the need to rely on medication.

Our new medical weight loss program uses: prescription strength appetite suppressants and medical food program as well as metabolic boosting shots. We have so many new unique services and treatments, to truly take advantage of the amazing advances and continue to stay a leader and forefront of medical and aesthetic improvement and wellness.

Beauty Lounge Featured On Hollywood Unlocked with Melyssa Ford

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For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.
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Beauty Lounge Treatment Room


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