Meet Our Founders

Chief Medical Director, Dr. Kurt Tamaru and Aesthetics Director, Veronica Tamaru

Our experienced medical staff can transform your body and face in a single office visit.

Veronica Tamaru, RN


Founder & Aesthetics Director

Kurt Tamaru MD, FAAFP


Chief Medical Director

Dr. Kurt Tamaru MD, FAAFP

“My passion is treating the patient as a whole; mind, body and soul. I want to correct the root cause of aging symptoms, not just enhance the surface.”


After working 25 years as a practicing physician and consultant, Dr. Tamaru is now making his expertise accessible to our clients at the new Beauty Lounge Medspa + Wellness Center. Using today’s cutting edge technology and medical resources, Dr. Tamaru strives to maintain patient health and vitality in order to reverse the impact of time and aging on our body. Dr. Tamaru embraces the ideology of anti-aging and integrative medical treatments.

At Beauty Lounge Medspa + Wellness Center, we offer unique services that are at the forefront of medical and aesthetic improvement. Women, men and teens can count on our services to help solve their most personal challenges, whether they are dissatisfied with their appearance, struggling to lose weight, concerned about low vitality, or are slowing down due to aging process. Beauty and wellness is the new focus. It’s not about the procedures, it’s about the mind and body as a whole. The connection between the patients and their relationship to beauty is just as important as the treatment they seek. “I’m targeting the crossroad of where science meets beauty. It is my strong belief that the days of the surgical scalpel will be limited to those who want to drastically change their look, and for those who want to simply maintain a more youthful look and feel without the use of risky surgeries, your day is here!”

Dr. Tamaru was awarded his medical degree from the Stritch School of Medicine at Loyola University of Chicago and completed his general surgery internship at the University of California Davis- East Bay Program. Dr. Tamaru is an active member of the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the American Academy of Aesthetics Medicine.

Veronica Tamaru, RN

“Above all, my greatest achievements are the natural, beautiful physical transformations that enhance my clients’ inner beauty as well.”


Registered nurse and beauty advocate Veronica Tamaru, is highly recognized as one of the top skin care experts and injectors of Ventura County in the area of beauty and aesthetics. In 2010, Veronica and Dr. Tamaru founded Beauty Lounge Med Spa in Camarillo. Prior to opening Beauty Lounge Med Spa, she worked as a registered nurse for 15 years in Critical Care, Medical Surgery and Oncology. Veronica’s love for beauty and aesthetics grew when she worked alongside with the famous Dr. 90210 television series in Beverly Hills. While working in the field of Aesthetics, Veronica Tamaru saw first-hand outcomes plastic surgery could provide, she realized she wanted to help her patients achieve their goals with less invasive and non-surgical options. Her approach is a gentier way to achieve impressive and noticeable results without having to undergo surgery.

Veronica’s extensive and always-evolving knowledge in the latest innovations of beauty – combined with her personable demeanor and medical fortitude, make her first choice for many clients across the United States and around the world. Clients will make a point to see Veronica years after they have moved from the area, because she has the gift of bringing one’s inner beauty out for the world to see.

Her expertise has kept her in the forefront of the medical aesthetic revolution and, as a direct result, Beauty Lounge is the first medical spa to exclusively introduce 8 POINT LIQUID LIFT Total Approach to the states.

For the last two decades, Veronica’s underlying mission has always been to improve skin health. Born from her work in aesthetics and oncology, she recently unveiled her own Beauty Lounge line of skin care. This will further allow her clients to prevent future damage and put their best face forward.

Jennifer Neira


Jennifer Neira is a bilingual board certified Nurse Practitioner, who specializes in Aesthetic and Internal Medicine. She completed her Masters of Science degree at Loma Linda University and is the recipient of the prestigious Presidents Award for academic achievement. As a seasoned injector and laser practitioner with over 13 years experience , she is quite skilled in the art of non-surgical cosmetics. Her dual specialization allows her to be prolific at addressing both external and internal issues pertaining to health and beauty. Jennifer cares deeply for her patients and her ability to deliver consistent and impactful results is unparalleled. Since 2014, Jennifer has been a dedicated clinician to the art of aesthetic medicine and wellness at the Beauty Lounge Medspa. She appreciates the unique beauty found in all patients and enjoys partnering with them on their individual aesthetics journey. When away from work, Jennifer enjoys spending her time with her family.

“I appreciate the unique beauty found in all my patients and enjoy partnering with them on their individual aesthetics journey.”

Beauty Lounge Team

Beauty Lounge Front Office and Medical Staff