What is truSculpt?

The Cutera truSculpt is the most effective, non-surgical, procedure that is clinically proven to target and reduce problem areas on the body with no downtime. Even stubborn areas, such as cellulite, that are resistant to diet and exercise don’t stand a chance against this breakthrough radio frequency (RF) technology.


How does truSculpt work?

truSculpt is an (RF) energy-based procedure that delivers controlled, yet comfortable, doses of therapeutic heat to a chosen target zone. Radio frequency (RF) is a type of energy, delivered by heat, that passes through even the natural resistance of fatty tissue. In doing so, it deliberately causes a small amount of damage to the fat cells where the truSculpt is applied. The body then slowly “cleans out” and removes the injured fat cells by a mechanism called apoptosis. The best way to explain apoptosis is to realize that the body naturally cleanses our body all the time. There is significant turnover of cells in our liver, skin and bowels. We don’t grow new fat cells (unlike the liver or skin) after puberty so once the injured fat calls are removed by apoptosis they are gone for good.

Where can truSculpt be used?

truSculpt is designed to treat multiple areas of the body such as the abdomen, flanks, thighs, back, arms and buttocks, the possibilities are endless. Even say goodbye to turkey neck. Different size heads can accommodate small areas such as under the chin. Just look at our patient above, who received four treatments just under the jawline.


Skin Tightening and Body Contouring

Another advantage of the trusculpt and radio frequency energy is that it is well documented to help tighten lax skin. Radio frequency has been used for many years as an energy source for tightening facial skin. Modifying how the energy is delivered by the truSculpt, lets the device decrease fat and tighten the skin at the same time. This gives our patients two benefits in one session . With the cellulite smoothing, not only are we able to change the texture of the skin, but it helps contour the body as well. In our opinion, truSculpt really gives the body a more youthful look.

Real Results, Real Patients

Last year, Beauty Lounge hosted a truSculpt Live event at the spa. Potential patients were able to see how easy the process is and see the real-time results of one our patients.

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