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Andropause – Male Hormome Imbalance

Whatever your age, as a man you need testosterone to maintain energy and focus, to build lean muscle, boost your sex drives and to regulate your moods. Andropause is a technical term for the hormone imbalance all men will experience as they age. Commonly called the male menopause , andropause typically begins to affect men between the ages of 35 – 40. While testosterone decline is something that will happen to every man as he gets older there are treatments to help offset symptoms and side effects of male hormone imbalance.

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Low Testosterone Replacement Treatment

As men age, the testicles typically begin to produce less testosterone. Typically testosterone levels begin to decrease at a rate of 1% a year after the age 30. When levels drop below a minimal amount, you may begin to experience symptoms of low testosterone or commonly known as, “Low T”. This occurs in all men to some degree, but men differ in the amount of how they drop in testosterone levels. Men can also differ in how well their body responds to a given decline in testosterone. Truly low blood levels of testosterone typically result in a constellation of symptoms or syndrome. This syndrome, in conjunction with laboratory findings of low testosterone, is often referred to as Andropause or Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome.

Symptoms of Andropause / Low Testosterone

  • Fatigue/ decreased energy​
  • Depressed mood / irritability
  • Low libido ( low sex drive)
  • Sexual dysfunction ( weak or fewer erections)
  • Poor concentration
  • Loss of physical strength/
  • Decreased muscle mass / increased body fat
  • Decreased bone strength
  • Slow recovery from workouts​

Benefits and Commonly Asked Questions

Is Low Testosterone Replacement Therapy Right For You?

Benefits of Low Testosterone Replacement Treatment

  • Reduction in “Low T” Symptoms
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved cholesterol levels
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Improved sexual function
  • Improved bone density
  • Improved body composition
  • Reduction in belly fat

How long will it take to get my testosterone back to normal levels? In six to eight weeks, most men experience a stronger sex drive and improved sexual performance, as well as a increased sense of well-being. Within six months, most men notice more muscle mass, the ability to manage stress better, mental clarity, less belly fat, and improved physical performance and endurance. After one year, most men experience increased strength and bone density.

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Is it safe to be on “Low T ” treatment while taking drugs for erectile dysfunction” ED”?
Yes, ED is caused by many factors, including low testosterone. Many studies have shown that testosterone replacement therapy will actually help with ED if the cause is low testosterone. ED pills and medications provide additional blood flow to create functionality of the erection, while TRT increases both the function and the libido (sexual desire).

How do we diagnose Low Testosterone?
Simply by way of a blood test that displays the Testosterone levels on two separate samplings. We do the labs at our spa so you can discreetly get your results.

How can we correct your levels?
Replacement therapy with testosterone is the recommended treatment. Only a licensed health care provider can prescribe testosterone therapy. Typical forms of therapy include oral, topical gels, or injections and pellet implants. In addition to replacement Testosterone, our doctor may also recommend two other medications that aid in the breakdown of testosterone or the reduction in your body’s own production.

Which form of therapy is best?
As with any treatment, it is best to discuss with your prescribing doctor at our medical spa. In general, we have found that our injections tend to be the most affordable, reliable, and safest method to correct “Low T.”

How does Testosterone Injection work?
Medication is formulated and customized to your specific body’s need. We only acquire medication from verified U.S. pharmacy companies with strict quality control. To ensure your safety, we never purchase from third party sources or foreign drug imports.
Injections are weekly and provided to you on a one month supply basis for self-administration in the privacy of your own home. If office injection is requested, we can accommodate that as well. Additional medication that can be added is either in the form of a pill and/or injection.

What side effects might I expect?
Most patients experience improvement in symptoms once testosterone levels have been corrected. However, side effects can include an increase in the number of red blood cells, an increase in coarse body hair, prostate size increase, or an increase in oil gland production on skin.

If my testosterone is low, will I have to take the Testosterone Replacement Therapy forever?
Medical studies conclude that it is safe and effective to stay on a Low T program for 20+ years. As long as a patient is monitored every 6-12 months and remains in a normal human testosterone range, there is no need to ‘cycle’ off of testosterone replacement. Should you decide to stop the program, your body will go back to producing those levels it produced prior to therapy.